Smartick Method: A Fun Way For Kids To Learn Math

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Smartick math

What is Smartick?

Smartick is designed for children ages 4-14 and uses Artificial Intelligence technology that helps your child progress at his or her own pace.

Smartick began over in the EU and is relatively new to the United States. It is slightly different than other math programs you might see. It was designed not to follow an official curriculum or State standards.

Smartick students work on mental calculation and algebra while also developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also includes logic exercises that help children improve both logical reasoning and reading comprehension.

How Does It Work?

Research shows that 15 minutes is a time of maximum concentration for those ages 4-14. Smartick uses this 15 minutes approach for each session which helps to reduce burnout, as well as create a study habit and routine. Smartick recommends that their students do their 15-minute sessions at least 5 days a week to experience the benefits of the program.

As students work on their math session, they earn what is called a “tick” which is like coins that they can use to buy things for their avatar.

After their session is completed, they can enter a gaming center which is designed to reinforce what was learned from the student’s lessons as well as reinforce cognitive skills, perception, attention, memory, and logical reasoning.

Parent Support

Parents are able to follow along with the progress of their child in the parent dashboard. Parents also receive an email with a summary of their child’s performance after they complete a lesson and whenever a daily lesson has not been completed. This feature helps parents keep track of their child’s progress.

Smartick also provides a team of educators whenever parents have questions. The educators can conveniently be accessed via phone, email, or chat.

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Smartick Is Great For Homeschoolers!

Smartick Method has so many diverse uses and is a great resource for the homeschooling community. The beauty of Smartick is that it can be accessed from anywhere on a PC or tablet!

Smartick is also a great alternative to Kumon because it is a home-based program that doesn’t require commuting or a set schedule.

Here are some great ways homeschoolers can use Smartick Method:

  • Extend your current math lessons
  • A fun summertime maintenance program
  • A stand-alone math curriculum for young learners

Our Experience:

I knew that I wanted to try Smartik right away. When we started, my daughter was 4 months shy of her 4th birthday. I had no doubt that her age wouldn’t be a problem because she is very studious and loves to work on her pre-k workbooks.

When I introduced Smartick to my daughter, she was very excited! One, because she got to play on my iPad, and two, because she was learning.

It didn’t take long for me to see that Smartik was a hit almost immediately.  She loved working for her “ticks” to go towards buying a guinea pig and accessories for her avatar!

Smartick Avatar

I was also surprised to see how quickly my daughter was picking up the concepts of Smartick Method. She picked them up so quickly in fact that she was completing the lessons faster than the 15-minute sessions. Students can also earn certificates!

Smartick certificate

She would get a little frustrated that she couldn’t continue with the math portion of the program but that frustration quickly faded when she entered the game center.

Smartick math

Since starting Smartick, my daughter constantly asks if she can “do some math” on my iPad! For me, that has its pros and its cons. I love the fact that she enjoys learning with Smartick, but I do try to limit her screen time so that she is involved in other activities and methods of learning. Because of that, we don’t always complete lessons every day which is why I would love if the program would allow more than one lesson per day. However, I understand their 15-minutes per day theory.

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Our Conclusion

Smartick Method is fantastic! Both my daughter and I give it two thumbs up! My daughter loves it and I enjoy watching her learn math through this program.

I also appreciate the notifications sent to parents via email. It makes it very helpful to keep track of her progress.

We’ve only used Smartick on my iPad and it’s very easy to use and navigate.

With all the benefits of this program, it is one that we will continue to use and recommend!

Try Smartik!

Smartick Free Trial

Smartick has a free 15-day trial for you to see if it’s a good fit for you! If you decide that you want to continue and purchase the program, my readers can get 25% OFF your first subscription!

Smartick Method: A Fun Way For Kids To Learn Math


I was approached by Smartick with an opportunity to try out their math program for free in exchange for a review. The following review is 100% my honest opinion. Thank you Smartick for making this article and giveaway possible!


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6 years ago

Smartick users over here too! We love it. The kids have all had very positive experiences and ware definitely grateful for the condensed lessons. They seem to be learning a lot while having fun as well!

Allyson Spieler
6 years ago

Wow super cool! I don’t have kids but I’ll recommend this to my friends that do 🙂

6 years ago

With a 4 year old who is recently getting interested in the math concept, I am really digging Smartick! I plan to dive more into it! Thanks for sharing!!

Kim Quint
6 years ago

I could have used this when I was learning math. The more resources available to help kids learn the better. Each child learns differently. Thanks for sharing how technology is helping our kids learn.

6 years ago

Looks pretty cool! I don’t have kids myself, but may be something neat for my young niece and nephew.

6 years ago

I would have been all over this when my kids were younger. Looks like a helpful product!

6 years ago

I think my kids would love this! They’re always complaining about how hard math is and try to persuade me to let them skip it for the day. Good thing with homeschooling is you can use whatever methods of teaching that work. I may have to look more into this.

6 years ago

This program sounds good. I like the way it integrates parents, games, and short attention spans. Thanks for the introduction.

6 years ago

Wow! This looks so cool! I don’t have kiddos yet, but I will have to recommend this to all of my mommy friends!

Wendy Jones
6 years ago

Definitely will try this out. My daughter has a few learning challenges so anything that can help her out while having fun is definitely a win-win for us. Thanks for sharing!

6 years ago

We homeschool and I am a homeschool evaluator and consultant. I had not heard of this before, but would love to try it out! Thanks for the review!

6 years ago

I hope I win. My daughter is almost 4 too and would love a program like this,

6 years ago

Hi Kimberly,
Thanks for this informative post. I am very interested in homeschooling so this information is good to know.

Laura Belle
Laura Belle
6 years ago

These are the types of things I loved when I was homeschooling.

Heidi Erickson
Heidi Erickson
6 years ago

What a great and fun way for kids to learn math!

6 years ago

When you said the attention span for kids to learn is about 15 minutes, that is pretty accurate! I am a teacher and I see a lot of benefits from doing instruction for about 15 minutes, then having the students engage in some problems on their own to break up the lecture. The breaks help.

Dana Young
Dana Young
6 years ago

It’s funny. I was just thinking yesterday that 15 minutes at a time is all my son can take in one subject. I’m excited to try this app.

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