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(Last Updated On: October 23, 2019)

The New Year is right around the corner and setting New Year resolutions are typically the thing that people start to focus on at the end of the year. Unfortunately, resolutions are often abandoned shortly after the New Year. This is why it’s important to set attainable goals that are not too far-fetched. This is especially true for toddlers!

5 New Year Resolutions For Toddlers

After setting my own personal goals for the New Year, I figured that my toddler is up for the challenge to have a few goals of her own!

My toddler will be turning 4 in a few months and she is quite a character. She is far wise beyond her years, very intelligent, and WAY too sassy. She’s at the age where my husband and I can actually converse with her in semi-grown-up language.

When thinking about setting a goal for a toddler, you have to make it fun and something that they will want to do consistently. You also should not discipline them for not achieving said goals either. You want to cultivate an attitude that keeps them looking forward to achieving their goals so when they do something successfully, they will be proud of themselves and want to continue.

When I planned out the goals for my daughter, I thought of things that she is currently doing but needs a boost to do them more consistently. These goals can be true for all toddlers, but when you set goals for your toddler think of things that will fit seamlessly into their daily routine. Don’t choose goals that will completely throw them for a loop. That would be disastrous! Now Let’s get to the resolutions:

Make My Bed:

My toddler enjoys helping me when I make her bed or change her bedsheets and she will often ask if she could help. She will occasionally attempt to make her bed by herself after she wakes up in the morning but not consistently. When she makes her bed it doesn’t look perfect and that’s perfectly fine. The goal is for her to get into the habit of making her bed as a part of her daily routine.

Clean Up My Mess:

Now this one can be hit or miss. My toddler likes things to be tidy. But she doesn’t always like to clean up things by herself. I try to teach my toddler to clean up a toy when she’s done before she gets out another one. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen and at the end of the day, there is likely to be a big mess that needs attention. And that’s okay. My goal for her is to consistently clean up her toys when she’s done before getting a new one out so at the end of the day there is less mess to clean up. There may be days where there’s more mess than others, and that’s okay!

Play Nicely With My Siblings:

I know this one is probably asking a lot! I have an almost 2-year-old son and he and my daughter typically play together nicely, but there are those moments when they butt heads and push each other’s buttons. It’s totally normal for them at this age, but my daughter is usually the instigator! My girl is the sweetest thing until her brother does something that doesn’t get her stamp approval! My goal for her is to consistently use nice words and nice hands when she and her brother are playing.  She loves her brother but this goal will definitely challenge her.

Use Nice Words:

This is a tag along with the previous goal. My toddler has reached a bit of a defiant stage. She says “no” in a not so nice tone too much for my liking. Again, I know it’s normal at this age to push boundaries, but we strive to teach our children respect and how to communicate effectively with words. We do not want to raise disrespectful children so teaching them at a young age the right way and wrong way of doing things will benefit her tremendously. The goal is for her to say “no thank you” or whatever else she needs to say in a nice, respectful tone.

Wipe My Own Butt:

Yes, a little TMI! But, my toddler needs to learn how to thoroughly wipe her own butt! She’s been completely potty trained since she was 2 and a half (hallelujah!). When she goes number two, she does try to wipe on her own, which is great, but the next words I will hear her yell from the bathroom are “Mommy, can you please wipe my butt?!” Although I do it for her, I want her to learn to do it too. She hates “butt smears” on her underwear and get’s upset if there’s a little poop in them. This goal will help her reduce the meltdowns about butt smears! I’m all for that!

I’m confident at some point in 2018 my toddler will successfully accomplish at least 3 of these goals consistently. However, it’s up to me to help her be successful. I realize that some days will be different and she won’t consistently do each goal, and that is A-OK. The purpose is to give her daily, consistent opportunities to put these goals into practice.

So whatever goals you decide to set for your toddler, make sure they fit into his/her daily routine so they can have more opportunities to put them into practice. It may be harder for you than it is for them because it’s up to you to remember which means that these resolutions are every bit yours and they are your toddlers!

Have no fear, I created a cute little printable for you to write down your toddler’s goals! Be sure to hang it up somewhere that it will be seen daily. Even though your toddler can’t read, it is a visual reminder primarily for you to read each goal out loud with your toddler. You can download your free printable below!

Have you written down any New Year’s Resolutions for your toddler? I’d love to hear about it!

Cheers to you and your toddler in the New Year!