Quick And Easy DIY Ready To Feed Infant Formula

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I didn’t expect that I would ever write a blog post about infant baby formula. Not that infant baby formula is bad, but I’m a breastfeeding mama. I breastfed all three of my babies but unfortunately had to stop nursing my 3rd baby for medical reasons when she was only 2.5 months old. It made me so sad because I love nursing my babies and she was a PRO! More on that in a later blog post.

Needless to say, I found the transition to infant baby formula to be quite challenging! From getting the scoops leveled, to getting the right consistency without clumps and mixing a bottle in the middle of the night. Breastfeeding, for me, was so much easier and more convenient. All I had to do was whip out the milky goods and I had a satisfied baby.

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With this new challenge, I had to figure out a way to fix my frustrations. Enter DIY ready to feed infant formula!

DIY ready to feed Baby formula

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Why Premixed Formula?

My daughter has a milk protein allergy and the formula she uses is Similac Alimentum. The powdered formula is significantly cheaper than the premixed ready-to-feed formula. However, I found that premixed ready-to-feed formula was much easier than powdered formula. Just shake, pour, and warm. But boy was it pricey! It solved one problem but created another for my pocketbook.

Then it hit me. I can make my own DIY ready to feed infant formula!

I figured the only difference between me purchasing the ready to feed mix over making it myself, besides the price, would be the shelf life. Premixed lasts for up to 48 hours refrigerated and my DIY mix would last 24 hours refrigerated. That’s a good trade-off for me!

But there’s another difference. The taste!

My daughter liked the taste of the ready to feed milk better than the powder! And I do too! After doing a little taste test, the ready to feed mix tastes sweeter than the powder mix. After comparing the ingredients, I noticed that the ready to feed milk has modified tapioca starch and the powder does not. I’m not sure if that’s the reason why it tastes different, but I do know that tapioca starch has a sweet taste to it.

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So to solve this problem, I added a tiny bit of agave nectar to my do-it-yourself mix. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why am I giving my baby agave nectar? It’s not like I’m giving her spoonfuls folks.

If you didn’t know, breast milk has natural sugar and tastes very sweet! Alimentum formula tastes metallic and smells like raw potatoes. Not exactly pleasant when the baby is used to my sweet breast milk. So adding a tiny bit of agave nectar is NOT going to harm the baby. The agave nectar made a huge difference in the taste and she now drinks it just fine without fighting the bottle.

I digress.

Making ready to feed formula is actually not much different than making a single bottle serving. With a few simple steps, it’s just making a larger batch to last for 24 hours and then storing them in a container in the fridge.

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What you need to make DIY ready to feed infant formula:

  • Baby Formula

Keep Scrolling For Formula Alternatives

  • Water


  • Mixing apparatus


  • Storage apparatus

  • Don’t forget your baby bottles 

Time To Mix!

I personally chose the Baby Bullet because I already had it on hand so it all really depends on what method you prefer.

Whatever mixing apparatus you choose, be sure to measure accurately. This is important to ensure that the consistency would be the same every time. It also ensures the proper calories for your baby.

My Baby Bullet holds 12 ounces at a time. I add 6 leveled scoops, a teaspoon of agave nectar, and 1/4 teaspoon of probiotics then mix for 30 seconds.

diy ready to feed infant formula

My toddler loves to help me with this DIY ready to feed infant formula!

diy ready to feed infant formula

The powdered milk lasts for 24 hours refrigerated. I need 36 ounces per 24 hours so I make three small batches of 12 ounces each and then pour them into these mason jars to keep the mix fresh.

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diy ready to feed infant formula

It really is that easy. All the things that flustered me about mixing formula were solved with this perfect baby formula hack!

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Is your preferred formula out of stock?

There are a few options that you have. You can make homemade goat milk formula or try European like Holle or Hipp from My Organic Company which offers fast and free shipping!

These come in Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 3.

Stage 1, like this Kendamil formula, is for infants through 6 months

Stage 2, like this Kendamil formula, is for 6 months through 12 months

They also have formulas for dairy sensitivities

If you’re looking for Stage 3, try toddler formula. 


For homemade goat milk formula, you will need:

Mix it all together using the same directions above then store in mason jars and use within 2-4 days in the refrigerator. 


My friend Clarissa R. West has another great goat milk formula recipe to check out!

Biblical Worldview Homeschoolers Facebook Group

Have you made your own DIY ready-to-feed infant formula or tried any of the others mentioned? I’d love to hear your hacks in the comments!

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Melissa Parcel
6 years ago

This will be handy for many people, thanks for posting.

6 years ago

Will have to keep this in mind when grandkids come. Thanks for the post!

6 years ago

It is a very rewarding process to make their formula and foods! I couldn’t breastfeed either of my children, milk didn’t come in so I did something similar but… it was WAY ALONG TIME AGO!!! There weren’t many formulas on the market so I used all organic products and just made, canned and did my own! Yep, very rewarding… good job!!!

6 years ago

This is great! I’m a breastfeeding momma too, but I’m definitely saving this to use if we need it!!

Farmhouse Mama
6 years ago

This is a good idea to premake the formula everyday!

6 years ago

Making my own formula with littles would have been ideal. This is a great article for all those moms who need help with formula needs.

Margaret Westhoff
6 years ago

What a smart DIY! I definitely don’t miss those bottle-feeding and formula-mixing days. The ready-to-feed formulas are a breeze compared to dealing with the powdered formulas.

Laura Belle
Laura Belle
6 years ago

I preferred the pre-mixed ready to feed, but you’re right it is pricier and I couldn’t always afford it. I only breastfed my son for a short amount of time and had to quit, but I actually quit feeding him in public because so many women confronted me about bottle feeding. They would demand answers on why I quit and I wouldn’t tell them. People would get so mad.

6 years ago

I would have never thought to make up formula in that way. Thanks for the tip.

6 years ago

Great tips for moms who breastfeed!

Kim Quint
6 years ago

The money you could save by making your own. Probably better for you too.

April J
6 years ago

Thank you for sharing your solution to this problem. Sometimes things change or something happens and breastfeeding is no longer an option. I didn’t have much success breastfeeding my first child so this would have been really helpful then. Fortunately with my second child and latest I was able to breastfeed and still am. I know plenty of other mamas who are formula feeding and I will happily pass this tip/link on to them.

6 years ago

I will have to remember this for the future. Thank you for sharing these great tips! 🙂

6 years ago

Ok genius! I never thought to do this! I have a love hate relationship with formula, but it helps my baby grow and stay strong!

6 years ago

How interesting and so useful!

6 years ago

Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

Cool idea. Never would have thought of that!

6 years ago

This post is wonderful!! I breastfed both my babies and it is no easy task. But you’re so right, once you get the hang of it it’s so much easier than having to walk downstairs half asleep and making up a bottle. This would have been a life saver!

Mrs Mary Ann Abbott
6 years ago

Wow I didn’t know you could make your own formula! Very impressive.

6 years ago

That’s awesome momma! Luckily I too was able to breastfeed but I know many of my friends who have had troubles so this is awesome and especially for the working mommas to grab and go!

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