Full Immersion Spanish Lessons With Whistlefritz

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We received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Learning a second language is so beneficial for children, especially early learners. That’s why I’ve always wanted my children to have a second language as part of their homeschooling. As someone who grew up in Southern California and was surrounded by my beautiful Hispanic friends, Spanish is a language that I love and am very familiar with. That’s why I’m so excited about the Educator’s Spanish Collection by Whistlefritz.


What is Whistlefritz?

Whistlefritz was founded in 2006 and is an award-winning producer of language-learning programs for children. They have won well over 100 awards and their mission is to teach Spanish and French to children with their language immersion program.


Their immersion program is geared towards pre-k through early elementary and is fun, educational, and has live-action onscreen speakers, puppets, and other children doing fun skits, games, singing fun music, and dancing.

The Education Spanish Collection includes:

  • Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids: this is full of fun hands-on activities for kids that relate to the videos and lessons. 
  • Spanish for Kids videos: inside these 6 DVDs are vibrant language immersion videos, children will hear, see, speak, and move to Spanish as they learn from live, native speakers—and cute puppet friends.
  • Spanish for Kids music: includes music on 5 CDs like salsa, merengue, cumbia, and more, and will get kids dancing as they’re learning Spanish.
  • Memory Matching Cards: A classic game with a playful Spanish twist, these cards are a perfect introduction to Spanish action words. 

whistlefritz bundle

How I Used Whistlefritz

We used Whistlefrirz with all three children watching at the same time twice per week. We followed the Home Educators Guide schedule which includes a weekly schedule, enrichment activity, and checklist. 

Here’s an example of week 1:

week one whistlefritz

The videos are bright and fun, full of immersion and zero English.

whistlefritz review

Each of the kids loves the songs and thinks Fritzy is absolutely hilarious. 

kids watching whistlefritz review

After watching the video I reviewed the lesson plans and on days that we didn’t watch the video, I would ask them questions to jog their memories. 

How Much Is Whistlefritz?

The Education Spanish Collection comes in both a physical set and a digital download. The physical set is $199 and the digital download is $159.

Whistlefritz The Education Spanish Collection

My Thoughts On Whistlefritz

I absolutely love Whistlefritz! It reminds me very much of Signing Time which all of my kids enjoyed. The Whistlefritz videos are so much fun and it has been a great refresher in Spanish for me. I love seeing a new language bloom in my children and it’s safe to say that they love Whisltfritz!

We will continue using Whistlefritz long-term and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants their children to learn Spanish using an immersion method.

Full Immersion Spanish Lessons with Whistlefritz

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