Christ Centered Easter Music

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Easter, or as we like to say, Resurrection Day, is one of the most important days for Christians. We celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

Easter is not about the Easter bunny or finding as many easter eggs as we can grab. It’s about Jesus, the humble, sinless prophet from Nazareth, the carpenter’s son, who came to sacrifice it all and put the wrath of God that we deserve, on Himself. Jesus came to redeem those chosen by the Father and it was all done for His glory. 


Passion Week or Holy Week is a wonderful time to listen and meditate on songs that sing of God’s lordship and sacrifice. 

The Christ centered Easter music that I share here has theologically rich lyrics. I anticipate that this list will grow as time goes on and I think we’ve found some good ones on this list that your family will enjoy!

Christ Centered Easter Music


Getty Music

Listen to the Gettys Essential Easter Hymns playlist for free on YouTube:



Sovereign Grace Music

Song: He Has Risen



Song: See How He Loves Us



Shane and Shane

Song: Is He Worthy


Listen to Shane and Shane’s Easter Family Night of Worship free on YouTube



All Sons & Daughters

Song: Your Glory/Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus

 Song: Buried In The Grave 

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Song: Jesus Is Alive


Song: Washed By The Blood



We’d love nothing more than for you to fill your home this Easter with beautiful, Christ-centered music!

What’s your favorite Christ centered Easter Music?

Do you have an Easter song that you enjoy? Leave it in the comments, We’d love to hear about it!


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