Rhythm & Writing And The Get Write Crew – Review

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Learning how to write is a very important skill. Unfortunately, in today’s technology day and age, handwriting has almost become a lost art. Handwriting is also something that’s not taught enough in schools anymore. Fortunately, the Rhythm & Writing program offers kids opportunities to practice their penmanship. It also makes learning how to write fun with the Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew.  

What Is Rhythm & Writing and the Get Write Crew?

Rhythm & Writing was created by an Occupational Therapist and provides an effective strategy to teach kids how to write properly. Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew includes a pre-assessment, lessons, practice pages, video instruction, and a post-assessment. The program uses catchphrases, which are easy for your child to remember and learn how to write.

The Get Write Crew are cute little characters who sing and play instruments in the videos.

How We Used Rhythm & Writing and the Get Write Crew

During this review, my daughter used Rhythm & Writing at least twice per week as her main writing program. She completed the pre-assessment even though she can already identify all 26 letters of the alphabet.

After the video instruction, I read the stories to her in the workbook and then she proceeded to complete the pages that correlated with the video and story. My daughter is also very artsy and could not finish this page without coloring the lollipop! Cute!

A transparent sheet was included with the workbook for handwriting practice with a dry erase marker. However, we did not need to use it because she is comfortable with handwriting without it.

How Much Does Rhythm & Writing and the Get Write Crew Cost?

You can purchase Rhythm & Writing in two formats, a physical workbook or a digital PDF. The physical workbook costs $19.99, and the PDF costs $12.99. You can also purchase the video episodes for $4.99, the practice sheets for $9.99 and transparency sheets for $1.00.

My Thoughts On Rhythm & Writing and the Get Write Crew

This program is so cute and it is definitely an affordable way to teach your children how to write. My daughter thought the videos were fun and she was engaged as she watched them. Once the videos were over, she was excited to get to work on her handwriting. The songs are definitely catchy. Both my daughter and I found ourselves singing them at odds times of the day when there was no writing involved!

I like how the writing sheets have three different colors, green yellow and red, to help teach how to write within the lines and write the correct size. Even though we didn’t use the transparency sheets, I like the idea of using them for kids who are new to writing or who need a little extra practicing with a dry erase marker before using a pencil in the workbook. 

Overall, Rhythm & Writing and the Get Write Crew is an affordable and engaging program that makes learning how to write fun and exciting. You might even have a little dance party with the kids!

I highly recommend it to homeschool families or even traditional school families who need extra practice at home. 

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