Homeschool Complete Unit Studies – Review

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Homeschooling doesn’t need to be complicated. I love when I find a product that helps make my life as a homeschool mom a little easier. This week I reviewed the Unit Studies from Homeschool Complete. Unit studies are perfect when it comes to filling in the gaps in a subject area or taking a break from a regular curriculum.

What Is Homeschool Complete?

Homeschool Complete offers three different types of curriculum: an all-inclusive complete year-long curriculum, unit studies, and a reading curriculum.

Their all-inclusive curriculum is a motivational, and engaging year-long homeschool curriculum covering all subjects in a thematic unit structure. This curriculum comes as a physical product for Kindergarten through Fourth grade.

The Unit Studies are a digital PDF unit designed to take between one week to three weeks to complete and covers a variety of subjects. The Unit Study lessons provide hands-on activities, experiments, art projects, recipes, games, songs and more.

The Reading Curriculum, also a physical product, is a self-paced program designed for beginning readers but can also supplement any curriculum.

How We Used Homeschool Complete Unit Studies?

I received 4 Unit Studies: Pilgrims, Johnny Appleseed, Christmas, and Seasons. For this review, I will be discussing the Seasons Unit Study. The skills taught in this unit were Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Physical Fitness, Character Development, and Bible.

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The Seasons Unit Study has four lessons. We completed one lesson per day and on the 5th day, we had a free choice day. Here is a short list of just a few of the things taught for each lesson.

Lesson 1: journal writing, comparing objects, learn new sight words, learn how the earth’s position causes seasons, and make a collage of the four seasons.

Lesson 2: learn new sight words, read long vowel words, learn how to use a comma and quotation marks, narrate a story and add an alternate ending.

Lesson 3: learn new sight words, apply ordinal numbers to daily experiences, retell a story, plant seeds and discuss what it needs to grow.

Lesson 4: locate states on a map, follow a recipe, measure distances, practice reading sentences, and play charades.

Homeschool Complete Seasons Unit Study TOC

How Much Does Homeschool Complete Unit Studies Cost?

Homeschool Complete’s Unit Studies are very affordable and they range in price from $8.95 to $17.95. Below is the cost of the four Unit Studies that I received.

Homeschool Complete Seasons Unit Study Prices

Homeschool Complete Seasons Unit Study Prices

Homeschool Complete is offering my readers an awesome 10% discount! Just use the code CREW2019 and can get 10% off your order until 3/31/2019!

My Thoughts On Homeschool Complete Unit Studies

The Homeschool Complete Unit Studies provided detailed and clearly written lesson plans that were easy to follow. It included things we already do on a daily basis such as identifying today’s date, identifying yesterday, today, and tomorrow, reciting the days of the week and months of the year, and describing the weather. I also like how each lesson has everything categorized so you know what to expect which makes for great planning.

I was excited to do something a little different this week. The kids loved the hands-on activities, especially making the Watermelon Cookies! Here they are eating some batter from the mixer. So cute!

Homeschool Complete Seasons Unit Study Baking

When we do the next Unit Study, I will break it up into two weeks instead of one week. At times it felt a bit rushed and I think it would benefit us more to stretch it out and spend more time on the study.

Overall, Homeschool Complete really offers a well-rounded Unit Study that is fun and engaging and I would recommend their Unit Studies as well as their other products.

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