Patience Scripture Study

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As parents, cultivating our children’s hearts with God’s Word helps build their character. But being good examples to our children is important too. That’s why studying God’s Word as a family is crucial. This Patience Scripture Study is a 30-Day heart and character study made for the whole family!

Patience is one of those things that can be SO hard to use and do for God’s glory. As parents, we must practice what we preach to our children. This family study will help you focus on what God’s Word has to say about patience and how we can use His Word to apply it.  

Patience Scripture Study

This 30-Day scripture study is a great compliment to our Fruit of the Spirit Character Copywork!

What’s Included In This Patience Scripture Study

  1. One Parent & One Child Edition
  2. Scripture Reading List
  3. Study Guide
  4. Notes Page

Patience Study

How To Assemble The Pages

To assemble this guide, simply print all the pages and then print multiple journal pages for each day. Once it’s printed, hole punch the pages and place them in a 3-ring folder or binder. To save paper, print on both sides!

These pages are easy to prepare! Just print, and go!

Materials Needed:

How To Use The Guide

Read one scripture per day and then use the study pages after you read. Review answers to questions together as a family to help each other grow and for accountability.

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