The Fruit of the Spirit Character Building Copywork

Imagine, if in just 5-10 minutes a day, your child can copy verses from the inerrant Word of God and learn a daily habit in the process!

I’ve designed this set with monthly themes to make it easy to use right out of the box!

No need to prep, everything is ready and set to go!

What Are The Benefits Of Daily Bible Copywork?

Fine Motor

Because children’t hands are small and still developing, regular copywriting will help build muscle memory when they hold their pencil and write.

Learn Bible Navigation

This copywork activity will help your child learn important Bible navigation skills. The provided scriptures are easily laid out on a calendar checklist where they will then use their Bible to find the verse.

Focus + Attention

Copywork will help your child pay attention to the little details while they copy each letter, word, and punctuation which helps develop concentration and staying on task. 

Short + Effective

In just 5-10 minutes a day, you can fit copywork in anytime that best suits your schedule!

Language Arts

Copywork will help reinforce using the correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar while they’re writing. This will also help them in their own independent writing.


The Bible is full of a wide range of incredible vocabulary! Copywork will introduce new words that will help your child’s vocabulary and comprehension grow!

New Character Theme To Focus On Each Month

Take A Sneak Peek:

Check Out What's Inside:

Inside The Fruit of the Spirit Character Building Copywork set, you will find 72 pages full of everything you need for a full year of copywriting!

In this print-and-go pack, you can print off as many copies as you need for your family.

The extra pages come in handy when your child needs more space to write. 

12 Monthly Calendar Copywork Checklist

Fun themed wide-ruled handwriting worksheets for each month

Includes extra narrow-ruled worksheets for older kids

Includes extra plain wide-ruled worksheets


Character Building Copywork was created with the ESV as a guide and reference. However, you can use whatever translation that’s best for your family. 

Character Building Copywork is great for elementary through middle school ages!

The awesome thing about Character Building Copywork is that you can jump in at any time! The set is designed to be used year after year

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