Parenting Scripture Study And Prayer Journal

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Parenting…one of God’s highest callings for moms and dads. It’s also one of the most challenging, yet humbling callings. Our job to train up our children in the ways of the Lord is not an easy one. In fact, it will often be full of trials and be a test of our own sanctification.

Before we became parents, we had all these ideas of what we wanted to be as parents. Yet all those plans changed and often failed once we actually became a parent. You see, our plans mean nothing if they aren’t biblical and line up with scripture.


Biblical parenting is such an important piece to being a parent. Without the Word of God as our foundation, our parenting will be full of nothing but worldly moralism.

Our kids are on their own journey in life and although there is nothing we can do of our own will to regenerate their hearts, we must point them to the One who can by washing them with the Word and being good biblical examples. It’s only through the power of the Holy Spirit who can bring our children unto Himself.

God has equipped us with everything we need on this journey inside His Word! Children are a heritage (a blessing) from the Lord and God in His infinite wisdom and sovereignty has blessed you with the gift to raise your children to glorify and enjoy Him.

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What’s Included In This Study and Prayer Journal

  1. 30-Day Scripture Reading Checklist
  2. Daily Study Sheet
  3. Daily Prayer Sheet

How To Assemble The Pages

To assemble this study and journal, simply print all the pages and then print multiple journal pages for each day. Once it’s printed, hole punch the pages and place them in a 3-ring folder or binder.

These pages are easy to prepare! Just print, and go!

Materials Needed:

How To Use The Study And Prayer Journal

Read one scripture per day and then use the study pages after you read. The best part is when you need a refresher or pick me up, you can come back to this study and journal as needed! You can even do it several times per year!

As you walk through this study, we pray that God will use His Word to help encourage you on your parenting journey and learn to lean on Him when the days get rough.

Parenting is a joy. Parenting is a blessing. Parenting is a gift.

Let’s not forget that the precious souls God has entrusted us with need us to be godly examples and point them to Christ.

We pray this study and prayer journal is a blessing to you!

Go here to download your copy,


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