Learn Math Through Play With Matific – Review

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Matific is an award-winning app featuring hundreds of fun math games covering math skills from kindergarten through sixth grade. When it comes to math, learning and having fun with it at the same time is best. Matific Galaxy is an online math resource that provides fun activities for learning or practicing math skills such as counting, ordering, addition, and subtraction. When we were presented with this review, we were excited to check it out it!


What Is Matific Galaxy?

Matific Galaxy offers game-based activities to make learning math fun for grades K-6. With a strong pedagogical background, Matific helps the child to learn at their own pace through playful interactions which reduce anxiety but also to improve math scores.

Matific aims for your child to master necessary topics, from addition and long division to fractions and elementary level statistics. Matific is fully aligned to the national math curriculum, and also tracks performance inside the Parent Zone.

How We Used Matific Galaxy?

We used Matific with my 5-year-old at least 3 days per week for about 30 minutes per day. The game is full of fun graphics and characters that she absolutely loved. The “monsters” and “alien” characters are great.

When a level is completed, a new level is unlocked and pixels and coins are earned as points. As each level is revealed, the levels become more difficult.

5 stars indicate that all questions in that section were answered correctly.  If there are some missed questions that were answered incorrectly, the child can go back to complete those questions until they get it correct which will help them to earn more pixels and coins. At the end of the levels, the pixels that are earned are used as a reward to help fill up the character with its pixel color.

My daughter is a beginning reader so there is a little speaker icon where she could click to listen to the instructions when needed. The games are fun, engaging and my daughter laughed out loud several times during some of the games.

How Much Does Matific Galaxy Cost?

Matific Galaxy costs $19.99 for a single grade or $39.99 for the full K-6 program which will give you access for a full year and can be accessed on either desktop, tablet or phone. Matific also offers a great family discount of 25% for each additional child!

My Thoughts On Matific Galaxy 

Matific is one of the most fun educational apps we’ve used! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Matific and would ask to use it every day. However, we maintained our 3 days per week for 30 minutes per day because we limit access to electronics.

Overall, my daughter learned new math concepts and maintained others. She really enjoyed using Matific because she felt like she was playing a game and not “learning”.

We used Matific on our iPad and I liked how smooth the app worked. We rarely had any glitches while using it which is a huge plus for me.

I really liked the Parent Zone area which is useful for checking the progress of what is being learned. You can also check the percentage of completion, strong skills, and areas that need practice.

Overall, I think Matific is a great math program for K-6. It’s fun, engaging and affordable. I definitely recommend Matific Galaxy for parents looking for an extracurricular math program.

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