Make Math Facts Fun With MathRider

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Math! Ahh…I usually cringe at the word. But why is that? I didn’t have the best experience learning math as a child. Now as a homeschool mom, I’d like to make learning math a better experience for my children.

If I can make it fun, even better! That’s where MathRider a, horse-riding game, comes in. One horse-loving daughter plus this game equals one happy mom and a little girl excited about learning math facts! 

What is MathRider?

MathRider is an educational game created by Thomas Brand as a solution to help his two children learn math. He had tried numerous other computer math programs with his children but they all ultimately failed and didn’t meet his expectations.

He then had the idea of creating a program where “the player would simply have to use their math skills and not dexterity to succeed. Also, there would be no concept of fighting or the pressures of competing against other players.” Reading this on their website was music to my ears!

We received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

MathRider will help your child learn math independently as well as:

  • Master the four basic operations
  • Memorize all math facts, including the timetables up to 12
  • Avoid or overcome math anxiety
  • Build their confidence 
  • Think quickly
  • Improve focus
  • Practice by themselves
  • Become ready for higher-level math

MathRider prides itself on several reasons why you should try them:

  • It’s based on scientific evidence: using it is superior to using flash cards or videos
  • It adjusts to your child: the game will go at your child’s pace
  • It uses comprehensive statistics: the tech helps determine when a math fact is mastered
  • It helps track your child’s progress: its features help you and your child see the progress being made
  • It accommodates multiple users: it is an individual one-person game, however, it supports up to 8 users per download
  • It is improving based on user feedback: MathRider is in version 6 and with the help of users, improvements are made continuously
  • It’s privacy: this is not a web game and is stored on your personal computer
  • It’s a guarantee: MathRider guarantees the success of your child with mastering math facts and will give you your money back if you’re not satisfied
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How We Used MathRider

My daughter used MathRider 2-3 days per week for 30-40 minutes each session. Before she even used the game she was full of excitement (she may have jumped up and down while clapping!).  Once we read the instructions and she completed a few practice runs, she was eager to get started. It took a few practice runs to get used to typing the answers and remembering to press enter to submit the answer.

Before starting, there is a little story about the object of the quest with the horse named Shadow. The quest then goes on an adventure through Mathlands.


Each completed run results in advancing through Mathlands and getting closer to completing the quest.

When a run is complete it will show you the visual results. Below is a run where an answer was incorrect.

Math Rider results

Below are the visual results of answering all questions correctly. 

MathRider results

When my daughter completed the runs without errors, she was super excited and was even more excited to advance on the map and get closer to completing the quest. The more runs she completed the more confident I could see her get with answering math facts!

How Much Is MathRider?

MathRider is SUPER affordable and only costs a one-time payment of $29.70. The purchase includes free software updates for life and a 30-day risk free money back guarantee!

You can also try it for free before you buy it!


My Thoughts On MathRider

I love MathRider! Not only is it super affordable, you only pay once! I had no doubt this was going to be a hit with my daughter. I saw her speed and her confidence improve. Win, win!

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I 100% recommend MathRider! Not only does it make learning math facts fun and exciting, but it also provides a safe gaming experience.

Are You Ready To Make Math Facts Fun With MathRider?

Share with me in the comments how your kids would love MathRider. You can also check out more MathRider reviews from Homeschool Finding

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