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(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

Finding the right online homeschool curriculum can be tricky. There are so many factors to take into consideration to make sure that it will work for your family. When I was introduced to IXL Learning, I jumped at the opportunity to review their program when I saw how beneficial it could be for our homeschool journey.

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In exchange for my honest opinion, I was given a full annual IXL membership for both my son (Pre-K) and daughter (Kindergarten).

What is IXL?

IXL is an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies. IXL provides fully aligned content, meaning that their curriculum is set up to meet state standards for each subject. It is a personalized learning experience that includes analytics, recommendations, continuous diagnostics, and awards. 

Adaptive Learning, Personalized Learning, Math, Language Arts #hsreviews #ixl #iloveixl

Using IXL For Pre-K:

My son just turned 3 in January. Although we have been teaching him the basics (letters, numbers, counting, etc) IXL would be his first introduction to using an online curriculum.  I decided to start him out with Pre-K Language Arts which is organized into 48 different skills. We started with the Letter Identification category even though he already recognizes both upper and lower case letters.

I chose this to see if he could transfer his knowledge from what he has learned on pen and paper to a tablet/computer screen. It took a few trials for him to get used to how the program works, but after a few questions he quickly got the hang of it and was able to follow directions and complete skills. My son really loved the interaction and had a lot of fun using IXL.

Using IXL For Kindergarten:

My daughter will be 5 in March. She has used online curriculums before in the past and is familiar with how they work so I knew she would get the hang of it fairly easily. I started her out with Kindergarten Language Arts which is organized into 101 different skills. We skipped the Letter Regocnition and the Upper Case and Lower Case Identification sections because she has mastered those areas. We proceeded to the next skill which was Word Recognition.

After the first question, she got the hang of how everything worked and completed the lessons with ease. She has so much fun with IXL that she doesn’t want to end her lessons!

Adaptive Learning, Personalized Learning, Math, Language Arts #hsreviews #ixl #iloveixl

How Much Does IXL Cost?

IXL has 3 different price tiers. The tier you choose will determine what subject you have access to. With the annual membership to IXL, your child can access Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies 100% online from a computer, or on a tablet via the IXL app.

Adaptive Learning, Personalized Learning, Math, Language Arts #hsreviews #ixl #iloveixl


My Thoughts On IXL:

I really like the structure of IXL. I particularly like that when a question is answered incorrectly, IXL shows a detailed explanation of the correct answer which allows some problem-solving to happen.  

We used IXL both on the computer and on an iPad. I found that the IXL program was much easier to use on a computer because the responsiveness of the app was lagging and often very slow. It also would freeze and take a while to load the next question. I had to restart the app several times to continue where we left off. There were times where the kids would have to press the answer several times before it registered.

I really like that IXL is comprehensive, self-paced and aligns with state standards. This is a great perk for homeschooling families.

Adaptive Learning, Personalized Learning, Math, Language Arts #hsreviews #ixl #iloveixl


Overall, I really like IXL. It’s safe to say the kids like it too! Although the glitchy app was a bit bothersome, I will continue to use it and I highly recommend IXL Learning K-12 Online Curriculum. See how other homeschooling families used IXL below!

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