How To Cloth Diaper Your Baby On A Budget

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When you first think of the many expenses that come with having babies, what is one of the first expenses that come to mind? Diapers! It’s true that diapers can become a budget buster but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are concerned with cost and affordability, don’t dismiss cloth diapers yet! It is possible to cloth diaper on a budget without spending hundreds of dollars, even with the upfront investment. I was able to successfully cloth diaper three babies while paying just a fraction of the cost compared to other more expensive brands. My secret? The Wegreeco Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers. Here’s why I love Wegreeco!

Fits Birth to Potty Trained

Wegreeco cloth diapers are washable one-size pocket diapers that are made to fit your baby from birth to up about 2 years old or 33 pounds. They have three rows of adjustable snaps that allow you to size up or down and save you the cost of purchasing bigger diapers. This is awesome because these diapers will grow with your baby!

Adorable Prints

The diapers come in 6 packs and are available in boy, girl, or neutral prints. You can choose your set with either a muslin blanket or a convenient wet bag. The wet bag is the perfect size for a diaper bag making it easy to store used diapers when you’re out. A set of three diaper packs will be plenty for your baby.

Great Absorbency

Although the 6 pack sets come with 6 bamboo cloth inserts you will need extra so that you can double up for extra night time absorbency. Heavy wetters may need to triple up. The inserts are made of layers of microfiber and bamboo and will grow softer and more absorbent with every wash.

Great For Traveling

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If you are traveling, the reusable hanging wet bag will store your used diapers in one pocket while keeping your clean supply separately in another pocket. The two zippered pockets are leak-free and do a good job of keeping odors in. When you are ready to wash your diapers, just toss the wet bag in the washer too. The hanging wet bag is also great for everyday use in small spaces where you may not have the room for a diaper pail.

If you prefer, you can also use a simple trash can next to the changing table and skip the expensive diaper pails. Be sure to use a reusable diaper pail liner for your trash can. When it’s full, just take it out and throw it in the wash with your diapers. Easy!


Washing cloth diapers can sound scary to new moms but it’s really simple. If there is poo, flush as much as you can. Then you can use the dunk and swish method to wash out your diapers before throwing them in the wash. That is the way I have always prepped my diapers for the washer but a diaper sprayer is another good option. The sprayer connects to your toilet and allows you to clean the poo from the diapers without putting the diaper in the toilet. As a plus, the sprayer can also be handy for cleaning the toilet.

Diaper liners can also be helpful in minimizing the poo mess you have to clean up. A liner is basically a paper-like fabric that you lay over the diaper before snapping it on your baby. It will catch most of the poo and help keep your diapers stain free. All you need to do is wrap it up and throw it out!

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Viva cloth paper towels make affordable disposable liners or you can use the Wegreeco biodegradable liners. However, after trying both those options, I have found that making my own liners from fleece is the best way to go. Just cut the fleece to size so it fits in the diaper. The fleece is soft against the skin and wicks moisture away from the skin. It will also protect your diapers from any creams or ointments.

Great For Swimming

And when it comes to swimming, Wegreeco’s reusable swim diaper is the best way to go. The swim diapers are available in two sizes to provide a snug fit when swimming. These diapers come in packs of three and are also available in cute prints for both boys and girls.

The swim diapers are designed to hold poo solids and not liquids so it is best for your baby to wear the cloth diaper until you arrive at the pool. These diapers are great for swimming and you can feel comfortable that you won’t have any accidents in the water.

Cloth diapers don’t have to break the bank. A high-quality brand like Wegreeco will meet your needs and make it easy to keep your baby clean and comfortable.


How to Cloth Diaper Your Baby On a Budget

Did you cloth diaper your baby? What were some of your affordable cloth diaper brands?

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