Exploring God’s Love

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We received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

One of my favorite times of the day is doing Bible study with the kids. Using the Exploring God’s Love Bible curriculum by Positive Action for Christ has been a great way to include the Bible during our homeschool day.

Positive Action Bible Curriculum 


What Is Positive Action For Christ?

Positive Action For Christ is a non-profit publisher since 1969 that specializes in Bible curricula for churches, traditional schools, and home schools. Their mission is to equip Bible teachers to magnify the majesty of God.

Their philosophy and doctrine are built on being God-focused, biblically grounded, and teacher-driven and their approach to Scripture by exegesis avoid many denominational differences.

Positive Action for Christ has a Bible curriculum for Preschool all the way up to High School. A few notables choices are:

How We Used Exploring God’s Love

Although Exploring God’s Love is a K4 curriculum, we used it family-style 4 days a week with a grade range from kindergarten to 3rd grade. 

Exploring God’s Love is a year-long curriculum that has 40 lessons featuring Bible stories, target truths, activities, catechisms, and music integration. We received the student manual and teacher manual.

Exploring God's Love Student Book
Student Manual

The Student Manual is recommended to be used alongside the Teacher’s Manual. This workbook includes:

  • Student Exercises: activities that include puzzles, mazes, sequencing, and cut-and-paste sections
  • Engaging Design: full-color, crayon-friendly pages with original artwork

Student Book Exploring God's Love

The Teacher’s Manual comes in a 3-ring binder and has the required teaching and assessment materials. 

Exploring God's Love Teacher's Book
Teacher’s Manual

Inside the Teacher’s Manual includes:

  • 40 Lessons: one for each week
  • Vocabulary: explanations for key terms in the story text
  • Note to the Teacher: words of encouragement and inspiration
  • The Big Picture: background information for each story
  • Setting the Stage: attention-grabbing introductions for each story
  • Review Questions: tools for comprehension and evaluation
  • Scripture Memory and Catechism: supplements to encourage retention and involve parents or guardians
  • Extra Activities: additional ideas for centers, crafts, and life application
  • Sidebar Tools: teaching tips, thought-provoking questions, and opportunities to highlight God’s character

Exploring God's Love

They also have picture cards and story cards available as optional items (I didn’t receive these) that enhance the study.

Exploring God's Love Picture Cards
Sample Picture Cards

Exploring God's Love Story Cards
Sample Story Cards

How Much Is Exploring God’s Love?

Each component of this curriculum is priced individually:

  • Student Manual: $17.95
  • Physical Teacher’s Manual: $39.95
  • Digital Teacher’s Manual: $23.95
  • Story Cards: $79.95
  • Picture Cards: $39.95

My Thoughts On Exploring God’s Love

I knew from the beginning that I would enjoy this curriculum and it didn’t disappoint! I really love that they interpret scripture using exegesis. Exegesis is when we read the text of scripture what the original author or authors meant to convey. The opposite would be Eisegesis which reads into the text what the interpreter wishes to find or thinks he finds there.

For example, exegeting the biblical account of David and Goliath would be to interpret that David is a type and shadow of Christ. David trusted that the battle was the Lord’s, and He will save His people. It points to Christ.

Whereas eisegeting the biblical account of David and Goliath would be to interpret ourselves into the scripture text and say that God helps US overcome and slay the personal giants in OUR lives. While it is true that we have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, exegeting scripture misses the main point of the text and its true meaning, which is Christ. 

In other words, exegesis is good and eisegesis is bad. 

I also love that they include catechism questions which we already do daily. We love catechism because it teaches questions and answers about God and provides a solid biblical theology foundation. We use the catechism from the 1689 London Baptist Confession but the catechism questions from Exploring God’s Love are great.

I do think that their picture cards and story cards are overpriced and they should offer a digital version for both. But overall, we really enjoyed this curriculum and will continue to use it. 

Exploring God's Love Curriculum

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