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(Last Updated On: June 29, 2019)

Welcoming a new baby is exciting! Doing something special for your older children at the hospital is a great way to build excitement as well as help them transition into their new role as a Big Sister or Big Brother.

Having 3 babies in 4 years, I knew that my 3-year-old and 18-month-old would need something extra to help them with the transition of welcoming their new sister.

I learned the hard way when we welcomed our son. At the time, my daughter was 22 months old and it was a tough transition for her. I definitely didn’t want the same thing to happen this time around.

Let’s face it. Adding a new member to the family could be an unsure time for kids, especially when they’re young like mine. Their little minds may not be sure how to process all the newness! And if you have a child like my oldest who is not a big fan of change, you want to do everything you possibly can to make this occasion exciting.

As moms, the last thing we want is to have our eldest babe(s) feeling left out when welcoming the new baby. It was important for us to show our daughter and son that mommy and daddy still value their preciousness. Giving them a Big Sister/Big Brother kit was our way of showing them that they have graduated to a new sibling status and that was to be celebrated!

A Big Sister/Big Brother Hospital Kit Helps In Three Ways

One, it’s a seamless gift that can be played with at the hospital and at home!

Two, it’ll keep them entertained!

And three, it’ll help them feel part of the celebration!

Do those sound helpful to you? It certainly did for me, so let’s get to building!

Building a Big Sister/Big Brother Kit

Putting these adorable kits together was easy and cheap! And it can be easy and cheap for you too! I don’t know about you, but when you’re 9 months pregnant and ready to pop, easy is necessary!

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Since you know your child best, the beauty of these kits is that you can customize them to your child. You can stuff them full of the things that they love. Since it’s likely to be given at the hospital, keep it simple. It doesn’t even need to be big and extravagant. You’ll want these kits to fit inside of a gift bag, which will make it easy to transport.

And yes, my son is walking around pantsless! Cloth diapers for the win!

What’s Inside Our Big Sister/Big Brother Kits?

Big Sister’s Kit:

UPDATE: Some of the original items in both kits are no longer available so I updated the links to similar items

My daughter is in love with My Little Pony and Daniel Tiger right now. She also loves to color and play with Play-Doh. So pairing those two things together in her kit was the perfect combination.

Daniel Tiger is amazing. Tiger Family Trip is currently her favorite episode so getting her this book was a no-brainer.

The Play-doh My Little Pony Rarity Style & Spin is super cute and she can make cute little Play-doh jewelry. I chose this because it also came with mini containers of Play-doh inside the package which is one less thing I needed to buy.

I stuck with a mini My Little Pony theme and got her a coloring book and Pony Playset from Dollar Tree. This authentic My Little Pony figurine works too.

A Big Sister shirt finished off her kit. She put this on before getting to the hospital and she loved the sparkles!

The gift bag was also a Dollar Tree find and I had a box of crayons on hand. This cotton gift bag is a great option too.

Put It Together:

*click on any photo to learn more


Big Brother’s Kit:

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My son is simple. He loves Daniel Tiger and cars! He’s also really into learning his colors. Those three things were the perfect combination for him.

Again, Daniel Tiger is amazing! The Baby Is Here book was perfect because it coincides with the episode we’ve been watching to help prepare him for his baby sister. There is also a Big Brother Daniel book!

My boy can play with cars for hours! If it has wheels, he’ll push it around and be a happy little camper. The Flip & Race Darington was so cute because it switches around and can be a car on either side with a push of a button. And the Racecar makes noise. Bingo!

A Big Brother Shirt finished of his kit. He also put this on before getting to the hospital.

Again, the gift bag is a Dollar Tree find but this cotton gift bag is a great option too.

Put It Together:

*click on any photo to learn more


Was It A Hit?

It’s safe to say that these Big Sister/Big Brother Hospital Kits were a success! My kids were excited to receive these gifts after meeting their sister at the hospital. And like I hoped they were very happy and content playing with these kits in the hospital as well as at home!


More Ideas for Your Big Sister/Big Brother Hospital Kit

Here are a few things to get you started. Have fun…the sky is the limit! And congratulations on your newest addition!