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(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

Typing is a great skill to master in today’s technological world. When I learned about a typing program I could use at home with my daughter, I jumped at the opportunity to review it.  We received two one-year subscriptions for a typing tutor program called Typing Tournament Online and a fun math practice program called Maths Invaders Online from EdAlive.

What Is Typing Tutor Online & Math Invaders Online?

I will start off by mentioning that EdAlive is an Australian based company. However, it does meet the requirements for both math and typing here in the United States.

Math Invaders is a mastery learning system designed for ages 5 to 15, to build comprehensive maths processing power, maths fact fluency and automaticity. It is individualized with instruction for each student and includes:

  • Times Tables • Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division • Fractions • Decimals • Percentages • Numeration • Counting • Squares • Square Roots • Powers • Directed Numbers and more!

Typing Tutor Online is a complete, 10-finger typing course for ages 6 to Adult. This program is self-paced and can be started at any skill level. It introduces the whole keyboard and promotes the use of the right fingers on the right keys through 128 lessons, games, and drills with a motivational medieval tournament theme.

Both programs work on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Surface Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, other Android tablets and are compatible with all major browsers. You will have unlimited Access 24/7 wherever there is an Internet connection.

How We Used Typing Tutor Online & Math Invaders Online?

For this review, I will be focusing on Typing Tutor Online. Initially, I was excited for my daughter to use this program. However, after further discussion with my husband, we decided that we are going to hold off her learning how to type until she masters reading. She is 5 and reading is a skill that will help her with typing in the future. Since my daughter didn’t use the product, I used it to get a feel for how it works and how a student may or may not enjoy it.

Typing Tournament Online is divided into 16 Levels each introducing 4 keys. For Level 1, a s d f Space is taught.

The student will be taken on a medieval journey on their typing adventure. Here, the students will see a map which could be very useful in motivating them to complete each level.

When in progress, each level will have a lesson, practice, drills, a game, and a test. On their journey, they will earn tokens as rewards as they successfully complete a goal.

The program starts off with a typing speed test to get an idea of a baseline.

It then proceeds to games for the student to practice keying on a keyboard. The game was fun and would build suspense for a student. It requires them to pay attention to where the letters land because they will explode if the letter is not typed within a few seconds.

These are my results after a game. I purposely made mistakes to see how it would affect the experience and learning.  The game is age appropriate and would be engaging for a young learner and would also teach them hand-eye coordination.

How Much Does Typing Tutor Online Cost?

For a single home user, Typings Tutor Online will cost $10 per month, $90 per year, or $199 perpetual. This is a very affordable program to teach typing at home.

My Thoughts On Typing Tutor Online Cost

Typing Tutor Online is a great way to teach homeschool students how to type. Even though my daughter didn’t use this program, it is suitable for 5-year-olds. It will be up to you to use your discretion to determine if your child is ready for typing. Had my daughter used the program I think she would have really enjoyed it and would have learned a lot. But because we chose to hold off until she learns how to read, we will definitely purchase this program in the future, most likely in about a year. At that time we will revisit Typing Tutor Online with her.

Overall, I recommend Typing Tutor Online for homeschool families. Not only is it fun, but it’s affordable and it does not need an app because it is fully web delivered.

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