The Crafty Classroom Sight Words Of The Week – Review

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When learning how to read, it is important to have a program that helps with practice and retention. If you have a child who is learning how to read and you are looking for a hands-on, low prep, ready to go program, the Sight Word Of The Week program from The Crafty Classroom is what you need. Now that my daughter is learning how to read, I jumped at the opportunity to review this program.


What Is Sight Words Of The Week?

Sight Word of the Week is a 40-week print and go program for Preschooler and Kindergarteners that covers all 40 Dolch 220 Pre-Primer sight words. This is an ebook PDF format download and it will cover one single sight word each week with fun and engaging worksheets, activities, games, and hands-on resources.

Here is what is jam-packed inside of this 386-page program:

  • 8 Activities for each Sight Word (Monday-Thursday Schedule)
  • ASL Sign Chart
  • Playdough Mats
  • Sight Word Search
  • Fishing for Sight Words
  • Sight Word Dab &Dot
  • Touch & Read Sight Word Sentences
  • Sight Word Spelling Worksheet
  • Sight Word Cut & Paste Notebook
  • Sight Word Bingo
  • Mystery Monster Review
  • Sight Word Sticker Charts
  • Student Assessments

How We Used Sight Words Of The Week

We used this program for 4 days a week using the suggested schedule. However, I added Friday to do games and assessments. Our days looked like this:

Monday: Learn the ASL sight word, read and recognize the word, use letter magnets to practice spelling, practice fingerspelling the word, use playdough to roll out the letters, trace and write the word.

Tuesday: Find word inside a word search, write the word and answer questions, sight word fishing, practice tracing, and practice writing.


Wednesday: Trace, find, write, spell, search and dip and dab the sight word with a q-tip and paint.

Thursday: Touch and read on the dots while reading, practice reading with the weekly early reader, cut and put together a sight word snap cube card and ASL letter tiles.

Friday: Play read and color game, sight word bingo and assessment.

How Much Does Sight Words Of The Week Cost?

The Sight Word Of The Week program from The Crafty Classroom costs $25. You will have to figure out the cost of printing 386 pages as well.

My Thoughts On Sight Words Of The Week

I really enjoyed Sight Words Of The Week program from The Crafty Classroom. I loved how it incorporates ASL sign language into each week which is a great refresher for my daughter as I have been teaching her sign language since she was a baby. I also like all the different activities like painting, cube building, playdough, etc. The cost is affordable for the download, however, printing could get expensive depending on if you print in color or in black and white. Overall, I think it is a great program and I will continue to use it with my kids.


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