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I was like many Americans who depended on shopping a big box stores only to come home with products full of toxins and in turn support companies that didn’t line up with my beliefs. I had to find something better for my family. 

Why I switched...

I’ve been on a journey for a LONG time searching for non toxic, healthy products ever since my aunt died from cancer in 2011. I’ve tried what feels like hundreds of products and I was always left disappointed and felt something was missing not to mention upset about the money I wasted. 

Then I learned about a company based right here in the U.S.A. who was family owned and had a goal to make safer products inspired by nature and proven by science. They seek renewable plant sources, search for naturally derived alternatives, and defer to biodegradable ingredients. Then they refine them with cutting-edge science.

After some due diligence, I knew I had to try The Wellness Company.

Admittedly, I hesitated. But once I decided to switch, I took a leap of faith and went all in! I’m officially a happy customer and no longer worry about the products my family and I are consuming. Everything I used to buy from big box stores, I can easily and happily buy those same products affordably from The Wellness Company and have them delivered right to my door!

I made the switch. Now it's your turn!

Learn how to make the switch and become a customer!

For more information, all you need to do is fill out this form with your name and email and I will send you a personal email with more details about The Wellness Store and how easy it is to make the switch!

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