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(Last Updated On: March 30, 2021)

Do you need a fun activity for Easter? This Rabbit Life Cycle and Activity Set is a fun activity you can use for a fun Easter activity!

Although we celebrate Resurrection Day for our risen Savior Jesus Christ and not Easter for the Easter Bunny, we personally own 2 very cute Mini Rex rabbits and have owned rabbits for 9 years. We love passing on safe care for rabbits since we know this time of year a lot of people are getting rabbits for Easter.

In this Rabbit Life Cycle And Activity Set you will learn all about a rabbit’s life cycle, what to properly feed a rabbit, how to pet them, types of rabbits, learn to trace the letter “R”, ending sounds, learn colors, and more fun activities!

Rabbit Life Cycle Activity



These pages are easy to prepare! Just print, and go!

Materials Needed:

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