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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2019)

Recently, at a routine doctor’s appointment, I waddled into the exam room, 36 weeks pregnant. I had the most wonderful conversation with the nurse checking me in. She was the nicest, sweetest woman. But there was something she said at the end of our conversation that resonated with me.

She complimented that I looked radiant and beautiful pregnant and she then went on to say that she was so “ugly” when she was pregnant.

I was taken aback at that statement.

I mean, she was a very beautiful woman. And I looked at her and could only imagine how radiant she probably looked when she was pregnant.

After I left my doctor’s appointment, I couldn’t stop thinking about that statement.

Why didn’t that woman feel like she was beautiful when she was pregnant?

How many other women feel that same exact way?

Trust me when I say that I get it. I’m expecting baby number three, and I get that being pregnant isn’t always the most glamorous thing.

I know mamas who’ve had blissful pregnancies from start to finish. And I know others who’ve had rough pregnancies from start to finish. I’d say with all three of my pregnancies, I fell somewhere in between. But more on the latter with the third!

I get it!

We’re all different, but through those differences, our pregnancies are beautiful. In the midst of it all, from conception to birth, there is something remarkable about an expectant mother.

Here are 5 reasons why pregnancy is beautiful:


1. Pregnancy is a miracle!

Mama…You’re a baby growing machine! That precious baby inside your womb needs you for 40 weeks to develop. I’m reminded of the Bible verse found in Psalm 139:13-14. Simply put, life is a miracle and your womb is an integral part of that miracle. That’s beautiful!

2. The Pregnancy Glow!

There’s just that motherly “glow” which can’t be ignored or denied. It radiates from within. I truly believe that it’s because there is something extraordinary about a mother carrying life inside her womb.

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I remember the first time someone told me that I was glowing. I just looked at them and said “really?” I didn’t notice at the time, but it was obvious to others. When I had my maternity photos done, I could definitely see the “glow”.

Maybe the glow is because when we’re pregnant, we are filled with so much joy and anticipation for the life that’s growing inside of our womb. That’s beautiful!

3. Pregnancy is special!

In the second trimester when you first felt your sweet baby move inside your tummy, or when you first saw him/her on ultrasound, did it put a smile on your face? It definitely put a smile on mine!

All of the little movements, twirls, and tumbles that you feel is just a precious reminder that there is life inside of you! Or what about all the nesting that you do in preparation for your sweet baby? It’s our maternal instinct. That’s beautiful!

4. Pregnancy is hard work!

It takes a lot of HARD WORK to produce a baby! That’s 9 plus months of intense struggles. From crazy bodily functions, mood swings, constipation, constantly needing to pee, weight gain, trouble having sex with your husband, to pregnancy induced hives!

Let’s not forget the sleepless nights because you can’t get comfortable. Or barely being able to walk because of painful hip joints.

Oh, and the swelling! My legs, ankles, feet, and fingers were all swollen. I couldn’t even wear my wedding ring at all during my third trimester! Luckily, there are silicone rings that are perfect for swollen fingers!

Need I go on?

It takes a lot of strength and endurance to be pregnant! When you reach your third trimester, you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Delivery is right around the corner. And you, Mama, are rockin’ it! That’s beautiful!

5. Pregnancy is bonding!

It takes 40 weeks to develop a baby inside your womb. Whether you know it or not, you will forever have a bond with the life that you carried and bore. Even when a mama gives birth prematurely, the bond is still strong!

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There’s a reason why it is recommended that newborn babies have immediate, uninterrupted skin to skin contact with mom. It helps to solidify that bond between mom and baby. (SOURCE)

Baby-wearing is also a great way to continue that bonding relationship. Even with dad! The baby-wearing trend is not actually new. Moms have been doing it for centuries! I absolutely loved wearing my babies in my Ergobaby carrier as much as possible. That bond is beautiful!

(cell phone picture)


I just wonder. Can we find something beautiful about and within ourselves when we’re pregnant?

When was the last time you told another pregnant woman how radiant she looked, or how beautiful they were? You should! I guarantee that it’ll make her day and help her feel beautiful.

Do me a favor. On those days when you don’t feel like fixing your hair, putting on makeup, and you just want to lounge all day in yoga pants, look at that beautiful baby bump and say “I’m beautiful!”

And on the days when you look in the mirror and see those extra 30 pounds of baby weight staring right back at you, don’t let it fool you, you’re still beautiful!

I’m here to tell you, there is beauty in pregnancy.

So Mama, let your beauty and your belly shine!